My 1955 Studebaker President Speedster

My Speedster
I acquired this 1955 Studebaker President Speedster after two years of searching. I didn't want the "standard"  '57 Chevy or  '65 Mustang and instead chose an Indiana built car who's distinct lines appealed to me.  This car was designed by the famed Raymond Loewy.

I couldn't afford "pristine" and didn't want a "work needed" car.  With only 2215 of these beauties made, that became a chore, but one I enjoyed.  This car was located in Arizona and shipped to back home to Indiana in April 2005.

The production order shows it is a Black and Shasta White special two tone paint.  The model and body show "6H K7" and "Speedster" with the serial number of 7808289.  The Speedster was the top of the line model with a solid 259 cubic inch, four barrel Carter carb and all the options.  It's sticker price was around $3,250. 
The major work on it so far has been a complete re-wire and a rebuilt tranny.  Enjoy !

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1955 Studebaker Speedster
My beautiful 1955 Speedster in the driveway at our home
The emblem - remember only 2,215 of this iconic vehicle were manufactured
The 1955 body style was similar to the 1953 Starliner which was designed by internationally famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy.  The 53-55 design has been called a "sleek, sexy, European style".  Loewy had a long relationship with Studebaker being involved in the design of the iconic Avanti, the bulletnose and the Hawk series.

CHROME - yeah, that is what grabbed my attention as I was trying to decide what classic vehicle I would purchase.  Chrome - lots of chrome !!!!


The Speedster was the top of the line for Studebaker in 1955 with many standard features such as leather interior, fog lamps, wire spoke wheels to name a few.

I consider the Speedster a "ten footer" - I looks REALLY good from ten feet away.  It is a really nice car, but does have a few paint blemishes and some pitting of the chrome and stainless.