Italy 2004

Italy 2004

As part of our three week trip to Europe in June 2004, Karen, my mom Carol and I drove from Germany to Italy; more specifically straight to Venice and surrounding islands, so we didn't see much of the Italian countryside or other cities.  Generally, we all agreed the people of Italy were not quite as friendly and their property showed less pride of ownership than other parts of Europe we've traveled.
Nonetheless, we enjoyed the experience in another country where took a ferry to and rented an apartment (similar to a B & B) in Campo San Polo, one of many "neighborhoods" in Venice. 

The streets of Venice are extremely narrow and they all look very similar. While my sense of direction is legendary, I was "lost" numerous times.  Well, you can't get totally lost as Venice is an island, thus you can't wander off too far !!

I have long wanted to visit St. Marks Square (Piazza San Marco) and Cathedral as well as the famous Rialto Bridge.  What a treat !!  Side trips by ferry to Murano (famous for glass) and Burano (famous for lace) were very nice - much less crowded than Venice.

Enjoy my Baker's Dozen photos. 

The beautiful Italian Alps.
The Dolomites Mountain range of the Alps. 
The famous gondolas on the canals of Venice.
Venice from the bell tower at St. Mark's Square showing the density of the city !!
Gondolas in the foreground and the famous Rialto Bridge in the background.  The Ponte di Rialto which spans the Grand Canal was completed in 1591.
Campo San Polo - the neighborhood where we stayed.
St. Mark's Basilica was started in 1063.  WOW !!
One of the many bridges over canals in Venice.
Discarded shards of glass in a waste container on the island of Murano.
Blown glass items we purchased and had shipped home.
Beautiful houses on one of the canals after a rain in Burano.  This part of Venice is known for their lace making.  We helped the local economy here (as we did in Murano with glass purchases).
Beautiful vine awning I saw every day as we left our apartment in Campo San Polo.
The "Bridge of Sighs".   The name comes from the sighs made by prisoners seeing beautiful Venice before their imprisonment as they were led from the Doge's Palace to the old prison.    

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