2012 Studebaker International Meet at South Bend

South Bend 2012
The Studebakers Drivers Club holds an annual meeting at different locations around the USA. In 2012 it was in South Bend and is held there every fifth year - South Bend being the home of Studebaker, of course. I attended the 2007 event in South Bend. Last year I attended the event in Springfield, Missouri (on Route 66 !!). Next year the meet will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado from June 30 to July 6, 2013 and will be the 49th annual meeting. We have very strong local, national and international clubs.
In 2012, there were approximately 700 Studebakers and Avantis on the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds in South Bend.  Parts vendors were plentiful and there were many Studies for sale. There was music, food, judging of the cars, a parade in Downtown South Bend and the highlight for me - 5 or 6 laps around the old Studebaker Proving Grounds just west of town.  There were approximately 250 cars on the track. I have now had the Speedster on two very famous tracks - Studebaker and the Indy 500 !!!
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"On the old Studebaker Proving Grounds in South Bend, August 2012.  This is a THREE mile track - for comparison the Indy 500 track is only 2.5 miles."
"On the apron of the Studebaker Proving Grounds with friend Wayne Shabaz and his beautiful 1988 Avanti convertible.  The Avanti was first built by Studebaker, but when Studebaker closed, the Avanti name and manufacturing rights were purchased and it lives on." 
On the grounds of the fairgrounds with about 700 other Studebakers !!
The Studebaker Band !!  In the old days, many car manufacturers had their own bands.  Ours has survived and thrived !!!
Some of the 250 or so cars that participated in the laps around the track.  The parade around the track was on Saturday after many of the cars had already left.  I stayed specifically to drive around the famed oval.