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 The Brickyard Bulletin
The Brickyard Bulletin is the monthly publication of The Indy Chapter of The Studebaker Drivers Club.

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Turning Wheels is the award-winning official publication of the Studebaker Drivers Club.
 Turning Wheels
  Februari 2015
I decided to write this article after taking a long trip in the Studebaker and hearing so many comments  thanking me for keeping this car on the road and “sharing” it with others.
I recently drove my 1955 Studebaker President Speedster – from Indianapolis to Miami Beach – down the Old Dixie Highway, on the back roads, through small town America rather than bypassing them on the Eisenhower Interstate System.
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  September 2013
Attached is the latest edition of our local chapter newsletter.   

Karen and I went to a Studebaker picnic this past Sunday - be sure to go to the last page of the bulletin - a real nice photo of my Speedster was taken !!
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  September 2012
Attached is the latest bulletin for your viewing pleasure. 

Some photos of my car and me from the International Meet in South Bend including several laps around the 3 mile old Studebaker test track. By comparison the Indy 500 Speedway track is only 2.5 miles !!
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  January 2011
"Grandpa, will you help me buy a car?"
August 2008; 16 year old grandson Braden calls Grandpa; "Will you help me buy a car?" For Braden, money is tight; so with his Mom and Dad’s blessing, I pay for most of the car – a 1990 Olds Bravada.

May 2009; After several months, there are issues, a wreck, lack of proper maintenance, and some unpaid service/repair bills. He’s young; maybe too young for a car. The Olds dies. Braden calls; "Grandpa my car is dead, can you help with another car"? Grandpa: "NO!"
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  December 2013
I was responsible for getting five classic Prohibition Era cars on the Circle in Indianapolis on November 1, 2013. 

Read this article - it's a duesy !
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  September 2011
I wrote an article for it; unfortunately the editor decided not to print the whole article and left off the opening and the ending as well as 4 of the 7 items !

Me with dutchman Paul Dammes. Enjoy one of his articles. Part one and part two.

This was meant to be an eclectic type article but without the opening I don't think one gets a feel for what the article is about.
The missing opening statement was to be:
This article is a hodge-podge of Studebaker related things of interest from the last couple of years.

The last part was to be:
This article represents just a fraction of the rich history of Studebaker, of course. Enjoy the hunt for all things Studebaker.
Nonetheless, enjoy it.
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  October 2014
Chicago is a short trip for most of us in the Indy Chapter. Next time you are there for whatever purpose, spend a little extra time and explore the two beautiful Studebaker buildings.

Karen and I meet our classic car and historic preservation friends George and Mary Fraser of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin there this spring. We explored the Studebaker Buildings. So, in addition to Studebakers, this article will speak a little about architecture.
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  June 2011
Route 66. As some of you may know, I had traveled the 2400 miles back in 2006.
Right after I retired, I took my mother on a 17-day/6,100 mile round trip from Bedford, IN to Chicago. There we picked up Route 66, at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Boulevard, then on to the western terminus at the Santa Monica Pier. There we took the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco, then on to Sacramento to pick up US Highway 50 (“The Loneliest Highway in America.” A 1997 Time Magazine article about it was titled, “The Backbone of America!”). Then we went straight back to Bedford.
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 Brickyard Bulletin
  May 2010
I love Arizona. It is much more than Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Sun City. Last year while in Phoenix, my wife Karen and I were told by the "locals" we needed to visit the

quaint historic mountain town of Jerome, AZ, about 100 mile north. We took their advice and were very glad we did. It is not on the "official" list of area attractions for the meet, but we think you’d like it.

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