Indianapolis 500 Mile Race - 100th Anniversary Celebration of Automobiles

100th Anniversary
I don't show it much, but submitted an application for it to be in the 100th Celebration of Automobiles at the Indianapolis 500 Mile Speedway for May 2011.  It was accepted as one of 250 automobiles to be shown.  Most of the vehicles were in the "several hundred thousand dollar" range - Duesenbergs, Marmons, Packards, Stutz's, etc.  I was very honored to have my car among these select historical vehicles !!
Indy 500 Speedster
Friday May 13 - In the infield portion of the Speedway next to the 1923 Duesenberg Pace Car driven in 1923 by Indianapolis car manufacturer Fred Duesenberg !!
A proud man and his machine !
Son Matthew excited to be driving around the famed two and one-half mile oval.
Turn 3 - the northeast turn - 9 degree banking - same as when the track opened in 1909.
Down the front straightaway with some of the other classic cars.
The Studebaker finishes the race at the "Yard of Bricks".  Photo taken by the Speedway professional photographers.
Saturday May 14, opening day at the track - thousands of people walked by the cars, many stopped to reminisce or ask questions.  It was GREAT fun !   The Pagoda (fourth iteration) and the Yard of Bricks (just a few from the original 3,200,00 ten pound pavers used)